14 Practical Advice On How To Keep Busy During This Lockdown

Even though the businesses were closed, some people opted to stay on the streets to stage a peaceful protest as we happened to see something that would go down in history.

May those who lost their life or a loved one, as well as those who were hurt, recover quickly. May their kind souls find peace.

There are many more methods to avoid the politics and genuinely enjoy being stranded at home than to be hooked to your television sets, watching your favorite host unveil fresh facts on the never-ending mayhem Nigeria is experiencing.

Here are 14 activities you may engage in to maximize the time you spend at home.

1. Exercise at home;

Although it may not sound like much fun, considering this is a season when everyone lazes around, it’s a fantastic opportunity to stay in shape. Fitness applications are available for both Android and iPhone users, or you can just watch a few YouTube workout videos. If you’re too sluggish to do that, turn on some calming music and dance along with it. It may seem insignificant, but it will really generate endorphins that will improve your mood and burn a few calories.


It’s time to pray at home with your family as a group.

Pray for the nation’s peace and the establishment of order. Prayers can help you relax, soothe your nerves, and get rid of tension.

You might wish to read a few verses from your holy book.

3. Your morning with some yoga or meditation

Practice yoga to start the day. One of the finest workouts for boosting immunity is yoga. This is a fantastic chance to begin this healthy habit and to inspire your family to do the same. Yoga is also beneficial for reducing mental tension, especially in light of the anxiety and stress this sickness is causing.

Yoga postures including the Forward Fold, the Fish Pose, and pranayama have been shown to strengthen our bodies’ defenses.

4. Cooking as a family helps keep families together.

Nobody has time for lengthy conversations with family members or even a decent meal nowadays because of how quickly the world has evolved. Spend time with your family during the lockdown by taking advantage of the situation. This weekend, why not arrange to have a hearty breakfast with your family?

Create a great breakfast menu and cook it together. The family that cooks together stays together, as I have stated.

5. Lunch and an afternoon movie at home.

Don’t go to the mall for lunch and a movie as usual today. Take a rest. Enjoy this warm time with your loved ones by watching a good classic movie that everyone enjoys while eating a simple home-cooked meal. We are confident that as you think back to your early years, your children will weave their own memories into the tapestry.

In addition, children would be entirely bewildered and terrified as a result of the epidemic, therefore a fun family time may undoubtedly lift their spirits away from the gloomy surroundings outdoors.

6. Fun with board games!

Where has the afternoon card game joy of the 1990s vanished in this day of Instagram? All of the kids who were born in the 1990s will be able to relate to this, I’m sure. Board games used to make summer vacations so much fun, don’t you think? When you can play games like cards, carom, scrabble, snakes and ladder with your kids and family, how can this lockdown sound dull? It will undoubtedly be a lot of fun. I bet!

7. Family Tea at Midnight!

We spend so much time worrying about our careers, earning money, and meeting all of our materialistic desires that we neglect to reflect on our own lives or even communicate with our loved ones. Every night after work, I reflect on the day’s events and plan for the next day. Take advantage of the lockdown to communicate with your relatives. What could strengthen the relationship more than a cup of tea and some snacks?

8. Have those introspective conversations

Enquire about one another’s life, and laugh like you’ve never laughed before. Make contact with your loved ones, and let’s work to make this lockdown productive.

Life is described as the ability to learn to locate the light inside ourselves amid dark times. These are difficult times, and in order to get through this crisis, we must be persistent, dedicated, and optimistic. Show your love, support, and empathy to others around you, and utilize this opportunity to instill the two most crucial human virtues: perseverance and patience.

9) Pick up a new pastime;

Interests are a great way to spend the time, whether you enjoy singing, dancing, writing, playing an instrument, painting, reading, or even simply playing video games. You could even discover that you are talented at one of your hobbies!

10) Bake;

baking is a smart move at all times. cake, cookies, etc.

Don’t worry if you don’t have a cookbook or a recipe; the internet is a great resource. You have the option of baking for your loved ones or for yourself. If your dessert turns out well, people will complement you on your baking, and as foolish as it seems, it will improve your mood. If you enjoy cooking more than baking, prepare a wonderful meal for your family; they will be grateful, even if it tastes awful.

Do you not simply want to consume this now? Do it now!

11.) Makeover your bedroom;

The moment has come if you’ve been meaning to redecorate your room because you feel like it’s lacking something. Additionally, this is the ideal time to organize and tidy your room while still having some fun. To avoid becoming bored and giving up quickly, turn on some entertaining music.

12.) Organize your wardrobe;

Look through your wardrobe and ask yourself if you really need that sweater that no longer fits. Or how about those unflattering jeans? perhaps even a pair of shoes that don’t fit you! Why do you still have those things in your cupboard?

Take your no longer needed items and donate them! Many others would be really appreciative and use them far more effectively than you would. It might not seem like much, but if you do something to assist, it will mean a lot to them.

13.) Acquire a new skill;

You may take online classes on many different websites! Or you may learn how to do it the old-fashioned way by asking someone to show you. Languages, cultures, arts and crafts, and even how to play an instrument are just a few of the new things there are to learn.

14) Plan socially beneficial events;

Even if you can’t precisely do these things right now, after the curfew is lifted, it would be a good contribution to just get together with some friends and assist with street cleanup or perhaps even tree planting. Or you may call the SPARE animal shelter if you encounter a stray animal. These might not seem like much, but if you wait for a change to happen, it won’t; you have to be the one to initiate it.

We pray for brighter days and that our leaders begin to take action. Please remember to be safe and check in with your family, friends, associates, and clients.

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