Here are the Food Additives you need to eliminate from your Diet

If you’ve ever read a tomato sauce label on the supermarket shelf, for example, you may have noticed that some brands feature a list that goes far beyond tomatoes, olive oil and spices. Food additives are everywhere in processed foods and you need to know about their effects on the body.

What are food additives?

According to Healthline, a food additive is any ingredient intentionally added to food with the purpose of modifying its physical, chemical, biological or sensorial characteristics.

It is not always aimed at the final result of the food product. Additives can be used to improve or facilitate the manufacture, processing, preparation, treatment, packaging, storage, transport or handling of the food.

Food additives are used to increase the shelf life of foods and prevent undesirable changes, such as mould, while also facilitating their availability during any time of year for a large number of consumers.

Keep away from food additives

Experts made it clear in exposing the risks that these food additives pose to health. The consequences of prolonged exposure to these chemicals can result in allergic reactions, chronic hives, gastrointestinal problems, liver problems and the appearance of some types of tumours.

To find out if a product contains food additives in its formula, just read the label. The ideal is to check the list before going to the cashier to avoid taking these villains home.

Remember that the ingredients are listed in descending order, with the one representing the highest percentage of the food in first place and, lastly, the one used in the smallest quantity. Additives are usually at the end of the list.

But make no mistake: even a small amount of these modifiers and preservatives pose health risks. Some of these ingredients are more harmful than others. Experts warns that the following should be eliminated from the diet once and for all:

– Sodium benzoate

– Erythrosine

– Creepuscle Yellow

– BHT and BHA

– Tartrazine

– Cochineal

– Red 40

– Sodium Hytrid

– Brilliant blue

– Monosodium glutamate.

Nutritionists recommends writing down these listed names in a file on your mobile phone so you can refer to them when you are shopping. Another recommendation is to give preference to fresh foods and those with a better expiry date to ensure higher quality products that do not contain a long list of additives and preservatives.

Processed food may be more convenient and even cheaper, but it has the potential to reduce quality of life and have a negative impact on health. Making better choices for your well-being is to opt for foods that do not contain additives.

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