Check Out, 5 Conventional Street Snacks In Nigeria

Food is one of the most basic human needs. A Nigerian experience would be incomplete without tasting street snacks. You will always have a craving for street snacks no matter how wealthy you are.

In this article, I’ll list five conventional Nigerian street snacks that you should try if you haven’t. The list is given below.

1. Puff Puff

Puff Puff, also known as Puff Balls, is a fermented flour snack shaped into a ball. Puff Puff tastes best when it’s hot. It’s one of the affordable street snacks.

2. Suya

Another type of street snack is suya, also known as beef kebab or chicken kebab. Suya Spots can be found on almost every street in major cities. Suya is usually sold late at night. Suya is a delectable dish that everyone should try.

3. Boli

Boli, also known as roasted plantain, is a seasonal street snack. It is best eaten with groundnuts. In fact, wealthy men in flashy cars pull over to the side of the road to purchase it.

4. Roasted Corn

Roasted corn, also known as “Agbado” in Yoruba and “Masara” in Hausa, is another seasonal snack sold during the rainy season when corn is harvested.

5. Epa and Guguru

Nupe (Tapa) women typically sell Guguru and Epa, also known as pop corn and ground nut, on the street. People are gradually engaging in the business, and there are now pop corn stands on the side of the road.

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