7 Natural Spices that can replace Salt in your Food

According to Healthline guidelines, salt consumption is as harmful as smoking, especially when it comes to heart diseases. Besides that, eating very salty foods on a daily basis can cause other serious health problems, such as hypertension, commonly called high blood pressure, one of the main causes of stroke.

The assiduous presence of the salt shaker at every meal also increases the possibility of stomach cancer and osteoporosis. But there are natural spices that can help you change this habit.

Although it is a cultural habit to over-salt food, which does not mean, not even remotely, that this is synonymous with flavor, one of the ways to reduce the amount of salt used to season meats and other foods is by replacing it with other natural seasonings and spices, capable of enhancing the flavor and doing good to health. Therefore, we have listed below some tips on healthy spices and their most recurrent uses for you to be inspired when it’s time to get your hands dirty. Let’s go?


With a remarkable flavor, the plant, as it is scientifically characterized, has an important anti-inflammatory action, capable of controlling pressure and infections caused by bacteria. Besides, it is fundamental in balancing cholesterol. Its use in the kitchen can be very diverse, both raw and powdered, and is ideal for seasoning meats, rice, beans, sauces, vegetables, etc.


With a mild flavor, this little plant has a strong antibiotic power, that is, against the action of microorganisms, besides being able to help in the digestion process and to delay aging because it is an antioxidant.

There are studies that also point to its action in the prevention of cancer. It goes well with vegetables, meat of the most varied types – red, white or pork. Roasted vegetables also become delicious with its use, especially potatoes, whether sweet, asterix or common.


This spice has a strong thermogenic action and is able to increase the metabolism and help those who are in the mood to lose a few pounds. Another benefit of this food is that it can help control blood sugar and treat nausea and other problems involving the digestive tract. It can be used both in sweets, such as sweet rice, canjica, cakes, fruit compotes and pies, as well as to enhance the flavor of red meat.


With a remarkable flavor, this leaf can be used to season almost everything, from omelets, sandwiches, salads, cheese, pâté, to meat and vegetables. It has an important role in fighting bacteria that can harm the human body, in addition to controlling blood pressure.


With a marked flavor and aroma, these little leaves can be used in the preparation of fish, seafood, poultry and beef, various types of salads, sauces and vegetables. It has antioxidant action to delay aging, helps in the digestive process of food, besides being able to contain infections caused by bacteria and fungi. Coriander is also a great source of vitamin C and other important minerals for the maintenance of the human body’s immune system, such as magnesium, calcium and phosphorus.


One of the greatest sources of vitamin C, this fruit also has the ability to prevent infections, besides having vitamin A in its composition, capable of protecting against vision problems, not to mention the high levels of B vitamins, calcium and iron. Another benefit of lemon is its positive action in the food digestion process. It can be used in all kinds of recipes, from juices to salads, in all kinds of meats and vegetables too.

Chili peppers

With an infinity of types and uses, the most popular chilis can be used as seasoning to enhance the flavor of many different dishes. The green chilis are rich in Vitamin C, essential to the development and regeneration of tissues and to strengthen the immune system.

All types of chili peppers have vitamin A in their composition, essential for the human body’s health. Its burning sensation is due to the presence of capsaicin, a strong antioxidant which reduces bad cholesterol in the body and can help control sugar levels in the bloodstream. Besides having a powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant action, capable of preventing ageing, preventing the appearance of cancer, levelling blood pressure and increasing the body’s metabolism.

The red ones, like the dedo-de-moça, malagueta, cambuci, americana, de cheiro and murupi are allies in the prevention of diabetes, cancerous tumours and heart problems, besides significantly increasing the levels of good cholesterol in the body.

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