Does Eating Red Meat Really Cause Cancer?

Meat is inarguably one of the staple food in many households. People eat different kinds of meat from goat, pork, and chicken to lamb. However, there have been wide speculations about the safety of eating red meat eg beef, goat and pork. Some people believe that eating red meat can cause cancer.

Nutritionists have warned against the excessive consumption of red meat as it can cause cardiovascular diseases which affect the bones. But what about the claims of cancer? Scientists have discovered that red meat does increase your risk of having certain cancer according to Healthline

How does red meat increase cancer risk?

There are two main categories of red meat- processed and unprocessed red meat. Unprocessed red meat are those that haven’t been modified or altered hence they are very nutritious and have a lower risk of causing cancers

Processed meats on the other hand have their traditional taste and texture changed after passing through modifications which include salting, curing or smoking. Examples are sausages, bacon and canned meats etc

Health risks of eating too much processed red meat

Eating lots of processed red meats has been linked to prostate, pancreatic and colorectal cancers (more research is still needed). It is better to avoid red meat to be on the safer side.

The method of cooking red meat increases its cancer risk

The method of cooking red meat can also increase cancer risk. Grilling, cooking or burning red meat at very high temperatures increases its cancer risk according to research. It is advisable to eat red meats on certain occasions and not as a daily part of your diet

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