6 Foods and Drinks That Make Your Breath Smell Good

Garlic and onions, for example, are well-known culprits when it comes to foul breath. However, did you know that certain meals can actually improve the flavor of your breath? It is true. If you’ve got a nasty mouth, mints aren’t your only option. Take a look at these five mouth-watering treats.

1. Sugarless gum

By removing food particles and dead cells from your teeth, chewing gum helps to keep bacteria from growing and causing bad breath. Try xylitol-sweetened gum instead of sugar-sweetened gum, which is better for your teeth.

2. Reduce or stop drinking alcohol.

Also, it helps to maintain a good oral ecological balance. Your mouth gets incredibly dry and smelly because of a compromised microbiota. If you wake up with a bad breath after a night of heavy drinking, cutting less on the booze can help improve your microbiome.

3. Celery with Apples

Every day, one apple a day keeps the stink at bay. Your teeth are cleaned by eating crunchy foods like apples and celery that remove food that is soft and sticky. When you bite into these items, you may also be removing plaque from your teeth. Brushing and flossing are still important, even if they’ve done some scouring. In between meals, apples and celery are excellent for keeping your mouth smelling clean.

4. Stay hydrated

Having less saliva means less protection against bacteria and fungi in your mouth, which can lead to bad breath and bad breath-causing bacteria. Saliva also aids digestion, washes away food particles, and lubricates your teeth to keep them from becoming stuck. Bacteria can thrive if food isn’t broken down or rinsed away from the mouth.

5. Milk

Drinking milk, which is high in water and fat, helped us find that garlic breath and the smell of garlic after eating was lessened “According to Ph.D. researcher Sheryl Barringer, When it came to reducing the sulfur compounds in garlic that give it its pungent scent, fat-free and whole milk performed best. This may be due to the fact that fat is better at neutralizing scents than water.

6. Yougurt

When you consume sugar-free yogurt, your mouth’s healthy bacteria are able to thrive, thanks to its probiotic properties. Our findings are backed up by science, as well. Sugar-free yogurt has been shown to reduce levels of volatile sulfide compounds and plaque and gingival indices in people who eat it for six weeks.

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