4 Yummy Vegetable Soups You Can Eat With Pounded Yam This Weekend

Pounded yam is one of the foods that is eaten by many Nigerian households and some parts of African countries but one problem that many of them face is finding the right soup to eat it with. In this article, I will list a few vegetable soups you can eat with pounded yam this weekend.

1. One of the vegetable soups that you can eat with pounded yam this weekend is Efo Riro vegetable soup. This soup is eaten by the Yoruba people of Nigeria and it is made from spinach leaves. It is highly nutritional for your health because the spinach contains enough minerals, vitamins and whole lots of other nutrients that can keep your body healthy. The soup contains enough protein as well.


2. Another vegetable soup you should eat is ofe ugu soup. This yummy soup is made from pumpkin leaves and some other nutritional ingredients that can keep your body healthy. You can enjoy this soup with pounded yam or white rice.

3. Edikang ikong is one of the soups that is highly enriched with different kinds of ingredients. It is also made from pumpkin leaves, waterleaf and a whole lot more.

4. Afang vegetable soup is another yummy soup that you should endeavour to eat with pounded yam this weekend. It is prepared from waterleaf and afang leaves.

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