3 Medical Problems You Can Use Cloves To Manage

Many people who love cooking enjoy seasoning their healthy meats with cloves added in a moderate amount, and for some, they prefer to add them to baked goods to give them a good flavor. It has a tiny-shaped head of grain, a friendly scent or smell, and it tastes and has a tasty feeling that resembles that of cinnamon when it touches the tongue. Apart from its usefulness in seasoning and flavouring foods as a spice, it contains healthy organic chemicals and nutrients that are good for the body and can also be used to manage some medical problems, which I want to briefly discuss in this post.

1. Clove contains a high proportion of an organic compound known as eugenol, which targets inflamed tissues or cells in the body and reduces their spread. In other words, it helps to reduce the risk of having arthritis, which is an inflammation of the muscles of the joints. The eugenol in cloves manages arthritis and relieves them of the pain. You can eat cloves after washing them slightly, and it should be in very small quantities because too much of it can give you the feeling of numbness and tingling sensation in your mouth when it’s too much.

2. Heart diseases and cancer are often caused by the actions of free radicals in the body, which attack some cells, affect their operations, and cause them to grow abnormally, while at the same time promoting the excess formation of oxidized cholesterol by reacting with some bad cholesterol known as low density lipoproteins in the body, and the oxidized cholesterol produced affects the blood vessels of the heart and blocks them, giving rise to various heart diseases and cancer. Taking glove tea by boiling it in water and drinking the liquid can help manage heart disease and stop cells from uncontrolled growth, as it’s antioxidants attack the free radicals and destroy them from the body.

3. The eugenol organic substance in clove also reduces and manages the symptoms of fatty liver disease and the common one called liver cirrhosis, caused by excess alcohol intake. Including clove as part of your seasoning agents to season your meats will go along way to manage the health issues.In conclusion, never begin the use of clove without proper guidance from your medical doctor, and so you should take the time to visit your doctor and get more information on its proper usage.

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