Five cheap snacks you can have as lunch in the office during rainy season

The rainy season in Nigeria always begins from April and ends around November. This is the season when the rains fall, sometimes heavily, and it comes with its own positive and the negative sides and many people use the season to engage in various farming activities.

Among the blessings the seasons always brings forth is the fact that this is the time many crops germinate and are sold in various markets and open places, and people use the opportunity of the period to buy many of these crops and consume them in abundance.

Also, many workers, especially those who are always busy to have good food as lunch, seize the opportunity of the season to eat some of these crops as snacks in their offices. Apart from the fact that some of the crops used as snacks are relatively cheap to buy, the workers are relieved of the regular ‘junks’ they always eat as snacks in their offices.

Below are five of the various cheap snacks you can have as lunch in the office before the end of their season when they will no longer be available.


This is the season of corn, or what is also referred to as maize. They are usually sold from the month of May till late August. They are now sold everywhere either as roasted or boiled and there is no doubt that eating two or three units of the maize is a good snack for lunch.

With just N200, one can buy two or three sticks of maize and also get a bottle of water and this is definitely a good snack for those who are very busy at work to eat good food for lunch.

Boiled groundnuts:

This is also the season when boiled groundnuts have flooded the various places with the sellers displaying the freshly boiled commodity while a cup of the boiled groundnuts is sold for as little as N100 or N200 depending on the quantities. A N200 cup of boiled groundnuts and a bottle of water is very much enough to have as snack in the office in this season.

Garden Eggs:

This is also the season of garden eggs and they are not only nutritious for the body, they are also relatively cheap and very good to have as snacks in the office. With the sum of N150 and depending on its size, one can get garden egg to eat as lunch and enough to fill the stomach in the office.

African Walnuts:

African walnuts are not only good for the health, they are also being sold everywhere nowadays as this is its season. It can be easily used as snack while one is at work. Walnuts are sold for between N100 and N200 and consuming them as lunch to fill the stomach is not only healthy, but its price does not drain the pocket.


Someone at work can also have coconut as good snack for his or her lunch as this is its season and it is everywhere now. All one needs to do is to buy one for N200 or N300 the previous day, break it at home, pack it and bring it to the office the second day to eat as lunch.

These and many other cheap snacks which are seasonal and are readily available are, no doubt, good to satisfy the needs of those workers who need to eat them as the rainy season gathers momentum.

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