2 Medical Problems You Can Use Green Onions (Scallions) To Manage

When it comes to green onions, or scallions, many people don’t seem to embrace them as much as they would go for the common rounded onion bulb, and this is due to the fact that they are unaware of the medical ailments, or problems that can be managed using green onions which is a vegetable that contains healthy chemicals that are organic in nature that the body can utilize to address some health conditions.

According to WebMD, green onions have a mild and sweet flavor when they touch the tongue, and without mincing words, the organic chemical compounds in the vegetable have the capacity to locate some harmful molecules in the human body and break them down into harmless compounds, which also keeps the digestive system healthy. However, in this article, I want to briefly educate you on some of the medical problems you can use green onions or scallions to manage.

1. When you take some green onions and wash them thoroughly, then cut them in tiny pieces with a cutting knife, you may add salad ingredients to make it up as a salad dish or you can add green onions in other dishes, or you can eat the washed green onions in their raw form, whichever way you like it, be informed that the antioxidants, fibre and vitamin contents of the vegetable called scallions or green onions will become released once they are digested in your stomach, and these helps to digest the foods you eat properly, and also clear out excess cholesterols and brings its level down, and also dissolve harmful free radicals, thereby reducing the chance of having medical issues like heart diseases, stroke, etc.

2. The green onions also contain an organic powerful compound called Allicin which invade cells that tends to grow out of control or abnormal, and the chemical compound prevents them from turning into cancerous cells. The green onions can also help the body fight against infections due to the powerful organic substances in them.

While you can grill green onions and add small portion of olive oil with pepper and salt to season them, or you can blend the vegetable with eggs and small measured quantity of flour, and then mox well and fried in a frying pan with healthy oil to make scallion pancake, be informed that too much of green onions can result in health, you should discuss with your doctor or physician before consuming scallions or green onions to know if it’s good for your health in case you have one health issue or another that excess of green onions might aggravate.

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