5 Dangers of Eating Too Much Liver

One animal part reputed to be rich in nutrients is the liver. When eaten in moderation, its nutrients are healthy for the body. However, if consumed in high amounts, its nutrient balance might be quite harmful. These are some of the dangers of eating too much liver.

1. Medication interaction

The medications we take can also be harmed by consuming too much liver. This is so that the liver’s nutritional components, specifically vitamin A, can balance out the effects of whatever medications you may be taking. For instance, it may be smart to speak with your doctor before including liver in your diet if you’re using a particular psoriasis medication.

2. Bone pain

Liver consumption that is excessive interferes with osteoporosis treatments. As a result, you are left with symptoms, primarily bone discomfort. The sharp pain that is associated with bones can make you feel queasy due to its potency. It is more difficult to treat than joint or muscle pain. Therefore, it is advised that you seek your doctor’s guidance if you develop bone pain.

3. Can result in high cholesterol

Liver is a good source of dietary cholesterol. This refers to the cholesterol acquired from foods rather than produced by your own body. Dietary cholesterol has an influence, although minimal, on your total cholesterol levels. However, when you consume excessive amounts of liver, you expose yourself to high cholesterol levels, which is one of the dangers of eating too much liver.

4. Vitamin A toxicity

Vitamin A is found in great abundance in the liver. In some ways, it can even be an excessively rich source. This is due to the harmful effects of excessive vitamin A exposure. This does not negate the importance of vitamin A, though. The main functions of vitamin A include normal vision, a strong immune system, and reproduction. Your liver stores any extra vitamin A you take for later use. As a result, you are exposed to the risks associated with consuming too much liver because vitamin A levels increase as liver consumption increases.

5. Increased risk of Alzheimer’s disease

Copper seeps into the circulation when too much liver is consumed. Once in your bloodstream, copper begins to feed on blood that is going to your brain. As a result, nerve cells that play roles like thinking, learning, and remembering are destroyed. This could ultimately result in the loss of cognitive and physical abilities.

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