Five foods you should avoid eating if you want a flat tummy

In fact, we are obsessed with our stomachs. In particular, a flat, toned stomach. A healthy, balanced diet is your best ally in reducing belly fat, but some foods, despite their nutritional value, can cause bloating.

So here are some foods you should stop eating,  if you want to make a dent in your belly.

Beans and root vegetables

These are low-fat and healthy foods, but they can cause bloating. Instead, consume green leafy vegetables and tomatoes.

Prunes and dried fruits

Fruits such as prunes are good for digestion but can cause bloating. So it’s best to consume them in moderation or avoid them altogether.


Salt is not only bad for the heart and blood pressure. It also increases fluid retention and swelling.

Processed carbohydrates

Foods containing processed carbohydrates, such as biscuits and pasta, have a high glycemic index. This means they break down into glucose quickly, causing bloating.

Avoid sweeteners

In addition to sugar, sweeteners should also be avoided. This means avoiding everything that contains them, not just the obvious ones.

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