2 Ways You Can Use Almond Nuts To Treat Insomnia and Improve Your Sleep

Healthy eating is necessary for improved sleep. One common reason why most people find it difficult to sleep at night is because they aren’t eating enough healthy food. Aside from improving our health, regular intake of good food also helps to facilitate the body’s function, which sleep is one of. Nuts are actually not given the attention they deserve in this part of the world as most people see them as snacks, however, regular intake of nuts has been proven to be beneficial for sleep improvement, especially almond nuts. In this article, I will be showing you the positive effect of almond nuts on your sleep, and two ways you can use them to carry out this function according to Healthline.

Almond is actually a fruit; however, the nuts are gotten by cracking the seed. Almond nuts are loaded with many sleep-friendly nutrients, they contain antioxidants as well as melatonin (two nutrients which helps to improve our sleep). The nuts are also packed with magnesium, whose presence in the body have been proven to promote sleep. The rich magnesium and antioxidant content in almonds has been proven to help lower inflammation and stress levels, hence promoting sleep. The question is, how can we use almond nuts for this purpose? Below are two ways by which you can use almond nuts to facilitate sleep.

1. By eating the nuts before bedtime.

Almonds are a very versatile nut, this means that you can consume them in a variety of ways. Consuming almond nuts in the evening is very effective for sleep improvement, if you find it difficult to sleep at night, then you are advised to eat almond nuts just before bedtime as it helps to tackle insomnia.

2. By preparing and drinking almond milk.

The juice of almond nuts is known as almond milk. This drink is prepared by blending almonds with water and sieving the mixture into a clean bowl. Studies show that drinking almond milk is as effective as eating the nuts. Sometimes the little things we overlook may have the solution to our problems. Most people usually go for therapies and sleep-enhancing drugs in order to help them sleep without knowing that almond nuts are a natural remedy for sleep improvement.

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