Meals You Can Prepare For Dinner

Dinner is usually the last meal of the day and is just as important as the first meal. Dinner time is the perfect time for every family to catch up on the day’s activities and bond with each other. It is therefore essential that the meal you choose to prepare should look appealing and appetizing.

Below is a list of food to inspire you;

1. Efo Riro (Vegetable soup): you can prepare your vegetable soup with Efo tete(Spinach) or Shoko(Asparagus). You can pair it with

Eba, Semo or Amala.

2. Egusi (Melon seed) Soup: Add an assortment of meat and fish to make the soup rich. You can also add some vegetables to make it look more colorful. 

3. Okra Soup: Seafood okra would be a great choice but you might prefer to add some meat and leafy vegetables. 

4. Rice: this could be Jollof rice, Rice and Stew or Fried rice. Whichever you decide to prepare would be a good choice.

All of these are good choices for dinner and you can make them as creative as you want.

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