3 Health benefits of Eating Locust Beans Regularly

Locust bean is a local seasoning or condiment used in soups and stews. It is also known as iru by Yoruba people and ogiri or dawa dawa by Igbo people. African locust bean, scientifically known as Parkia biglobosa, is a very well-liked soup component worldwide. It is also known as carob gum and is a natural thickener that is frequently used in the production of packaged goods. A locust is a sort of grasshopper, so its name may make you worry if it’s vegan-friendly.

1. High in fiber.

It contains fiber, specifically galactomannan polysaccharides, which provide all of the product’s carbohydrates. The gum can gel and thicken in liquid because of these lengthy chains of soluble fiber. The health of your digestive system benefits from soluble fiber. This fiber helps soften stool and can ease constipation since it is not absorbed by the body and transforms into gel in the digestive tract. Additionally, soluble fiber is regarded to be heart-healthy because it can bind to dietary cholesterol and stop it from being absorbed into your system.

2. Aids in reflux.

For infants with reflux, which is characterized by repeated episodes of spitting up, locust bean gum is also included in infant formulae as an addition. It aids in thickening the formula and prevents reflux and discomfort-causing reflux from occurring after the formula has entered the stomach. Additionally, it reduces the rate at which food moves from the stomach to the intestines (gastric emptying). In addition, it can help babies with reflux and gastrointestinal problems.

3. Aid vision and fight diabetes.

According to research, locust beans reduce blood pressure, fight diabetes and stroke, and support healthy vision. Additionally, it includes tannins, an astringent compound present in many plants. Tannin-rich foods are frequently advised for the treatment of diarrhea. Locust bean gum is manufactured from the part of carob that includes soluble fiber from the galactomannan family. It has demonstrated potential usefulness for accelerating weight loss and regulating blood sugar levels, just like other types of soluble fiber.

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