4 Health Benefits You Can Gain When You Eat Titus Fish (Mackerel) Regularly

Mackerel fish, a member of the Scombridae family of fish, and popularly called Titus fish, especially in Nigeria, is unarguably one of the most popular nutrient-dense fish in the world. Its oily and firm flesh, as well as its delicious taste and flavour, makes it one of the most valuable commercial fish throughout the world, this fish is considered a great dietary choice thanks to its various health benefits.

Titus fish has a rich, distinct flavour and beneath its moist, flaky, and soft skin, lies some of the most vital essential nutrients required for the normal functioning of the human body. It is considered one of the most nutritious fishes and is an excellent source of essential nutrients including protein, vitamins B2, B3, B6, and B12, and vitamin D. Its flesh is rich in minerals such as copper, selenium, iodine, iron and vitamin B1.

Seeing as the fish belongs to the oily fish category, it is also a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids, which are linked to many health benefits, including lowered blood pressure and reduced risk of heart attack and stroke. Mentioning the impressive nutrient profile of mackerel fish won’t be complete if its high levels of good unsaturated fats are not mentioned, with about 77% of the fat in mackerel believed to be unsaturated.

From the foregoing, it is obvious that mackerel is one of the healthiest lean-protein food items you can eat, and not only will you be eating it for the sake of it, but you would also be deriving certain health benefits from eating it, especially if done regularly. With that in mind, this article would be looking at four (4) health benefits you can gain from eating mackerel or Titus fish regularly. The benefits are briefly examined below:

1. May boost heart health

As stated earlier, since mackerel or Titus fish is an oily fish, it is an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids, which are believed to be good fats that are known to help reduce blood pressure and decrease the levels of cholesterol in your body. In fact, many studies have shown the positive correlation that exists between regularly eating mackerel fish and lower blood pressure and less cholesterol in the blood.

Having lower blood pressure levels can be particularly great for the heart in that your heart does not have to work too hard to pump blood, thus relieving it of any additional pressure. In the same vein, having fewer cholesterol levels in your blood can help prevent the buildup of fat in the arteries of your heart, which, in turn, can help prevent the formation of plaque and the development of heart disease.

2. May prevent brain disorders

Another major health reason you should regularly eat mackerel or Titus fish is because of its ability to help prevent brain disorders, the omega-3 fatty acids that are present in mackerel, particularly docosahexaenoic acid or DHA play a big role in brain development, by controlling the release of chemical messengers in your brain.

This, in turn, helps to maintain brain function. What’s more, regularly consuming oily fish that are rich in omega-3 fatty acids can help reduce your risk of mental health issues such as depression, bipolar disorder, and autism. Its regular intake can also help you prevent age-related mental decline such as Parkinson’s disease.

3. May strengthen bones

Another important health benefit you can derive from regularly eating mackerel fish is that it can help keep your bones in top shape. This is because of the high levels of bone-friendly nutrients that mackerel contains, especially vitamin D. Vitamin D, according to WebMD, helps in the metabolism of phosphorus and calcium, two minerals your bones need to grow.

Thus, getting enough vitamin D from your foods can help significantly lower your risk of many bone-related problems including bone density loss and fracture. Its moderate levels of copper and selenium can also help your body maintain its bone density, and avoid osteoporosis and other bone-related issues.

4. May help in weight loss

Mackerel can also help you lose weight and keep your body fitter, as it is rich in many healthy fats and proteins. Proteins are particularly helpful in this regard as they help lower your levels of ghrelin, the hunger hormone that increases your urge to eat. What’s more, since mackerel is high in protein, it can help keep you full for a longer time, which, in turn, may stop you from overeating.

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