How To Use Purple Yam (Ube) To Remove Excess Sugar From The Body

Blood sugar levels in diabetics can be lowered by eating purple yam, according to a report cited on the website Many Nigerians appear to be unsure of how to make use of purple yam, despite the fact that it is inexpensive and widely available throughout the country. Because of all the questions, this post was written to clear things out.

When you think about yams, purple yam is merely another type. It’s not like eating something completely different. Carbohydrate content and other nutritional elements are the only variations between this and conventional white yam. Therefore, purple Maya can be prepared and enjoyed in the same ways as any other variety. But there are several things you need to know before you can get purple yam’s antidiabetic effects.

First, the strong antioxidant content of purple food and drink can help lower blood sugar levels. Antioxidants like these help the body respond more favorably to insulin, a hormone that helps keep blood sugar levels stable. When this occurs, it typically results in a substantial decrease in blood sugar.

If you want to preserve the antioxidant properties of purple yam, you should not subject it to cooking temperatures above a certain point. As a result, it fails to reduce blood sugar levels. The therapeutic properties of purple yam can be retained through the following cooking methods.

1. Consume the boiling version of the purple yam rather than the roasted variety.

We advise eating purple yams that have been boiled, as this preparation method preserves more of the food’s beneficial components. In most Nigerian households, boiling purple yam is served with either red oil or plain. If lowering your blood sugar is your goal, you should not roast your purple yam.

2. You can prepare purple yam portage

One more way to enjoy your purple yam. The sugar content of the dish can be further reduced by using sugar-lowering garnishes such fragrance leaves, moringa leaves, waterleaf, etc.

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