Different Fruits Diabetic Patients Should Avoid Consuming In Excess

Diabetes might not be easy to cure overnight but the possibility of avoiding more damage is feasible. The contents of foods or fruits diabetic patients consume matter a lot. In general, a person should not have to exclude fruit from their diet but as a diabetic patient, some fruits could do more harm than good to your body system.

With the rate at which different people are prone to having Diabetes today, it is advised that everyone should do a random check on the nutritional value of any food they consume. Also, diabetic patients are advised to stay away from carbonated drinks. However, it may be worth it that people who already have diabetes to limit their intake of the following fruits for their benefit.

Fruits high in sugar such as Watermelon, and over-ripped bananas are not suitable for Diabetic patients to consume in excess. The glycemic index (GI) on several reports shows how much a certain food can raise a person’s blood sugar after they have eaten it. If a food has a GI score of between 70 and 100, it is high in sugar.

Watermelons and overly ripe bananas are fruits with a score in this range. Although these fruits can still be safe for a person with diabetes to eat they should do so in moderation. Consuming larger portions of fruits that have lower GI scores may be more suitable for a person with diabetes.

Also, diabetic patients are advised to consume fruits that have a high amount of fiber, which slows the absorption of sugar into the bloodstream. Over time, different studies have shown that the more these fruits are been consumed, it can help in lowering the risk of developing diabetes.

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