Health Benefits Of Drinking Raw Cow Milk

In this article, we will take a look at health benefits of raw cow milk. Raw milk advocates argue that it’s a complete, natural food containing more vitamins, fatty acids, amino acids, minerals, and antimicrobials, than pasteurized milk.

They also stated that it’s a good choice for those with asthma, lactose intolerance, and allergic and autoimmune conditions.

Pasteurization was brought in response to an epidemic of bovine (cow) tuberculosis in the United States and Europe in the early 1900s. An estimated 65,000 people died over 25 years from drinking contaminated dairy.

Some raw milk advocates claimed that several of the dangerous bacteria damaged by pasteurization, like tuberculosis, are no longer a problem and that pasteurization no longer serves as a reason.

In addition, they admitted that the heating process while pasteurization decreases the overall nutrition and health benefits of milk.

Nevertheless, most of these claims are not supported by science.

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