4 Healthy Saltless Seasonings To Use In Cooking To Prevent Edema

According to Healthline, when the level of sodium in your body is in excess, fluids will accumulate in the body’s tissues, cells, or serous cavities. This can make your feet, hands, face, and neck become swollen.

This is known as edema. It’s one of the signs of liver or kidney damage due to excess consumption of sodium chloride. You can limit this in your food by replacing salted seasonings with plant-based seasonings.

The following are four healthy saltless seasonings to use in cooking:

1. Locust beans are good for cooking, especially if you are a vegetarian. They’re high in water-soluble fiber, which will not only make your food delicious but also benefit your intestinal health.

This will make your digestive system perform effectively and also help you reduce the risk of suffering from edema. The rich fiber content of locust beans can also help to regulate the fat and sugar levels in your blood.

However, when you are buying locust beans from the market, ensure that the one you’re buying has not been mixed with salt. Those who sell it usually mix it with salt to preserve it from spoiling.

2. Patminger’s leaves are very aromatic. You can add them to your food to get their health benefits. It gives a special kind of aroma and flavor to your food, and you’ll enjoy it without consuming excess sodium chloride.

They act in your body as antioxidants to prevent oxidative damage to blood cells. You will even enjoy your food without too much salt.

3. Turmeric is a nutritional spice that offers your brain and body a lot of health benefits. It contains curcumin, which serves therapeutic purposes in your body.

When you use turmeric as a seasoning for your food, you benefit from the powerful antioxidant that helps fight inflammation in your body. Curcumin also easily dissolves in your body fat, which helps you regulate your body cholesterol level.

It has a very strong aroma that will give your food that special taste. The anti-inflammatory agent in turmeric can help prevent heart disease and Alzheimer’s disease, which usually happen to older people.

4. Onions add a special aroma and taste to your food and also offer great health benefits. It’s very rich in sulfuric antioxidants, which can help prevent cancer.

Those who have diabetes should add a lot of onions to their food to lower their blood sugar. It not only makes your food delicious but can also make your bones stronger.

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