3 typical blogging challenges in Nigeria

I can promise you that blogging is currently one of the most popular methods to generate income online or through networks, but it is also one of the trickiest things to get right.

Depending on how serious you want to take it, there are several types of blogging. Most individuals use blogging to relieve stress or keep themselves occupied, while some who are more knowledgeable about it utilize it as a hip way or source of revenue.

In the modern blogging world, it is quite simple to create your own blog using WordPress, but another challenge is to keep up the writing until it becomes a significant source of income.

You can find tutorial videos everywhere to help you build your blog successfully and without a lot of stress if you browse through different YouTube channels.

But before you consider making blogging your profession, ask yourself: Will I be able to maintain this blog? How long would I be available to submit material that will benefit readers? These are some of the things you should think about before starting a blog if you don’t want to end up whining like the other people who tried it and failed.

Another aspect of blogging is that you can’t possibly know everything. However, the more you write, the more you’ll learn new things that will aid in your success. Few bloggers have this information; some pay to construct blogs, and all they do is post on them without doing any more investigation.

Don’t let blogging become too stressful for you to handle; it’s a skill that most people enjoy because there aren’t many stressful situations besides the writing-related ones, which you might get used to over time.

Let me share with you my personal experience. When I first started blogging a few years back, I was a complete newbie, and it cost me a lot of money since I had to pay for services I could have been performing on my own. I did so until I was introduced to other people and learned how to ask inquiries of them.

I spent a total of $262.81 to have my blog constructed throughout this period, but the expert continued to produce low-quality work for me because he needed the funds. I found this to be unpleasant to deal with.

I’m sharing this with you since it may also be a factor in people’s failure or difficulty in the blogging industry. Not all suggestions are welcomed, but you usually get 10% of your information from what you are told.
And keep in mind that if you depend on one individual to succeed at blogging, it will only get tougher for you in the future.

This same individual that you look up to has a secret that he or she doesn’t want to reveal with anyone since they don’t want a rival to challenge them in the ranking market.

Ranking is something else I’d want to talk about. It hurts a lot to watch others fly while you’re still trying to get noticed. Additionally, the first debut or approach on the market means a lot in the history of blogging nowadays. I won’t name names, but if you do a short search, you will see that the majority of websites that appear first in Google searches are quite popular and are generally earning more money than those that were once still in need.

Don’t give up since you can succeed like them; in certain circumstances, it only takes time and persistence in business.

Meet the individuals that came before you, ask them questions, and try to incorporate at least 10% of their ideas to determine if they would work for you.

Why You Shouldn’t Give Up; The reasons you shouldn’t give up on your blogging abilities are because if you do, your money, time, and acquired expertise will all be for nothing. As a result, you are now automatically one of them or count yourself among their failures.

  • Pose inquiries.

I mentioned earlier that you should inquire so you can gain at least 10% of your knowledge from those who are more senior to you in the industry.

This is a problem that I personally have encountered, and it would be very challenging for someone else to disclose publicly.

  • Conduct Research

Aside from you expressing your curiosity or continuing to believe in what you have accomplished via love, Improve your research to learn more about your lifestyle as a blogger. Recall that I previously told you about several YouTube videos for online tutoring that can help you succeed or stand out from the competition. Many people still don’t comprehend even after asking questions until they encounter an expert who can explain things to them more clearly.

  • Working hard.

You might wonder why we included hard work in our list of helpful hints, but the reality is that even if you ask questions, do research, and don’t give up on your talents, if you don’t also adopt the habit of working hard, you won’t get any results from it. Not that I’m trying to discourage you, but there’s a basic fact about blogging that not many people are aware of.

The successful bloggers you currently see paid a price that only the sincere could. They must have through tension to earn their mention before you see them discussing blogging success online.

While blogging is nice, I’ve found that individuals are more interested in the financial rewards than strategies for making their websites stand out from the competition. This is another way to overcome setbacks in your blogging career, and it took effort to reach to this point.


My personal opinion is that in order to increase the success of your blog, you should do the following: ask questions, conduct research, persevere, and draw out 10% of your own ideas from each piece of advice.

Asking questions makes things easier for you since no one has ever become an expert without doing research and asking questions.

Apply all the criteria provided if you wish to succeed in your blogging career.

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