The six most typical obstacles that aspiring musicians in Nigeria encounter

Today’s discussion will center on the well-known issues that have held many up-and-coming musicians in Nigeria in captivity as well as solutions to those issues.

Many aspiring musicians are now working hard to break into the Nigerian music scene, but there are certain common obstacles that have prevented the majority of them from finding success.

Your aim as a musician or musical artist is to be well-known and famous; thus, you must ask yourself, “What are those things keeping me from reaching the masses?” This might not always constitute money in the strictest sense, but occasionally certain things do.

Being honest with yourself is one of the finest decisions you can make as a musician or music artist in Nigeria. Many have given up because it was so difficult to advance or gain recognition in the state; others have persisted but ended up in the same situation as others.

I have seen some better music stars in Nigeria who are capable of pushing themselves but still find it very difficult and even more difficult than others gaining popularity in the nation. What you need to do is ask yourself what precisely or which area am I not landing well in that is preventing me from hitting the right audience.

The Nigerian entertainment business doesn’t take any chances with anybody; if you fall behind or don’t follow procedure, you become upset and consider giving up even though you shouldn’t.

Everyone needs a direction or expertise in this specific situation in order to interact with others or keep current in the Nigerian entertainment world or business. Think about the demands of the audience as well as the financial considerations and potential earnings from your music sales.

We now move on to the six common problems that most aspiring musicians in Nigeria encounter.

1. Insufficient funds

The Nigerian music market has become more wilder than before, therefore not having enough money might keep you from being discovered. Compared to those years or times of 2005 to the present, we now have a variety of people playing the game.

Marketers are the main people selling you out in the Nigerian entertainment industry today. These people go to great lengths to attract the public’s attention to your cause, and what typically drives them is your cool payment to them; without it, you will be acting in a lose actor movie in the game due to a lack of funds.

2. Insufficient public approval

This is the greatest way to explain why, as an artist in Nigeria, you should put in more effort since, while some of them have the resources to support their careers with money, others who are capable of filling this category lack the financial resources. You can see how serious this problem is.

Most of the young musicians in Nigeria lack the skills necessary to satisfy the audience; some of them are more concerned with creating music that they like than music that the audience would enjoy.
The Afro, Dance Hall, and Party Jam song categories now dominate the Nigerian music and entertainment sector, with the remainder following.

If you are involved in anything else except the music genre mentioned above, Nigerians will stop paying attention to you.

3. Loss or Gain:

After a large number of up-and-coming musicians have finally come together to record a single song, the majority of them still fail to release that song or single on a monetization platform in order to recoup at least 10% of the money spent on it. To be honest, the major goal of the entertainment or music industries nowadays is to make a lot of money, however some have fed the music producers with thousands of dollars after the song was finished while not earning a penny.

If you continue to play the game using these techniques, all you will be doing is recording tracks with the money you have worked so hard to get. You won’t get anything back from your investment, and whatever you spend that isn’t compensated for is a waste of money. This is one of the mistakes that young artists from Nigeria are still making today.

4. Planning:-

Unfortunately, if you keep presenting things to the public when they are not needed, you won’t find exactly what you are searching for. Many people still work on musical projects without understanding their timetable or when they should release it to the public.

Due to the fact that not everyone is accepting this helpful adjustment, this problem will likely arise in Nigeria in the near future.

It is very challenging for a top Nigerian artist to release an album or single track on the same day. For instance, Star Boy Entertainment is unable to release a single from one of their artists on the same day that DMW is planning to release theirs. Try waiting for one to release and observing how it performs before releasing your artist for a game.

However, the majority of up-and-coming musicians in Nigeria committed this error by releasing their song on the same day as the top celebrity in the nation. As a result, you won’t be taken seriously because few people are familiar with you or have heard much about you.

5. Failure To Appear:

Your fans start from where you depart by letting people know where you are headed to and where you genuinely belong in the society. Going to or attending performances nearby is how you, as an artist, are recognized in your neighborhood. But the plain fact is that many of Nigeria’s young people lack this kind of creative thinking.

Don’t be an exception to this rule; try your hardest not to reject shows as an upcoming; by doing this, you will see how the public will begin to accept you from the beginning. When you regularly attend shows, you seem kept or taken away from the pushing limelight. There are many events in Nigeria every day that are even looking for an upcoming who charges are low so they can partner with; don’t be an exception to this rule.
No one can do everything in a single day, but you may strive to correct some of these crucial errors.

6. Optimal Production

Our advice on Nigeria’s entertainment business is now complete. If your songs or music don’t provide that high level of hearing perfection, unfortunately, even if you have perfected everything else on the list from 1 to 4, you will find it even harder to get into the Nigerian music business than an Instagram freestyler.

Many songs have been ruined in recent years because of poor production. Most of the time, the words are not very tight, but you get the idea. This has kept many from becoming household names in Nigeria.

You are encouraged to switch producers for a speedy, flawless job if the error is coming from your producer. If it is coming from you, however,


You must be highly dedicated to your craft, be aware of what the general population in Nigeria needs, be a good musician, and more in order to succeed as an up-and-coming artist or musician.
In certain instances, I may declare that if you follow a few straightforward guidelines that govern the Nigerian entertainment globe or sector, you can attest to the superior outcomes of this post.

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