A Great History Of Nigeria That The World Will Never Forget.

A significant historical event occurred in Lekki, Lagos, Nigeria, on this date in 2020, which the world will never forget (Lekki Toll Gate).

Nigerian teenagers were staging a peaceful demonstration at the Lekki Toll Gate on the day when the Lekki Toll Gate’s history was made, but they disobeyed government directives because of state violence and mistreatment, to put it another way.

The Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS), a government-assigned securities agency that is frequently criticized for its harshness and tendency to loot its own citizens, is the target of a nonviolent protest by young people.

The worst acts of brutality in the history of Nigeria have been committed by the Sars, who have killed, taken things from people forcibly, and used all available means to defend themselves while also imprisoning some. This has been the main issue for the youth as they have risen to protest against the Sars’ wicked deeds.

Being honest and upfront about the situation, the bulk of the Sars men—mostly those in the west of the country—were complicit in this heinous deed. They used force to seize property that wasn’t theirs.

No Nigerian person, both at home and abroad, would ever forget the day of the blood flows at the Lekki Toll Gate, which led to the aforementioned explanations.

People were peacefully demonstrating for their rights at the well-known Lekki Toll Gate in Lagos State, Nigeria, on the day this tragic occurrence occurred.

Unknown soldier attacked the scene and opened fire, killing unarmed civilians who had come to defend their rights and their freedom.

When government zoombies (soldiers) arrived to disperse the crowd on October 20, 2020, a prominent Nigerian Disc Jockey by the name of DJ Switch was present at the scene. The soldiers opened fire on the crowd, killing 78 demonstrators in total.

Before the demonstrators were slain, some government representatives arrived and used daylight to remove the CCTV cameras that had been in place at the Lekki Toll Gate for several years without being removed from the area.

The demonstrators were aware that something was going to happen when it happened, but they did not anticipate it to be this, which would result in the immediate deaths of 78 Nigerian people.

Since DJ Switch was one of the top celebrities chosen to lead the protest on that historic day, she used her Instagram live video to broadcast everything that was happening at the toll gate live.

According to the Nigerian government, as these unidentified troops arrived, the Lekki Toll Gate’s automated lighting system turned off, and they immediately started firing powerfully at the demonstrators, injuring and killing bystanders.

The teens’ rage grew as they questioned the causes of some of their deaths at the place of a nonviolent demonstration. Aboard order to have his life safeguarded, Bola Ahmed Tinubu, the former governor of Lagos State, travelled to France that very evening in a private aircraft.

The reason the teens mounted a hunt for him was since they learned he was outside the state.

He was the owner of the Lekki Toll Gate and earned a minimum of 40 million naira each day. If he lost that much money for two weeks, he could have decided to use the army against the nonviolent demonstrators.

When asked if he knew about the killing at the Lekki Toll Gate, one of the young people who identified himself as a friend of Seyi Tinubu’s son called him on the phone and asked where he was right now. When he replied that he was out of the country, the wise young man on the other end of the line advised him to leave the young people alone so they can pursue their right paths because killing them would end their dreams.

Nigerians were not impressed with Tinubu’s defense and continued to call for him to appear live to face the crowd despite his denial that he was involved in the deaths.

Later, the massacres spread to other regions of the nation, holding the 36 states hostage and impeding the daily operations of ordinary people.

The killings in Calabar, Cross River State, which included torching politicians’ homes and stealing other people’s valuables, breaking into stores and supermarkets, and making off with cash and food as well, became a serious matter for the government to address.

The majority of the foods that residents took away were not truly stolen; rather, they were taken against their will since they were meant to share them during the Covid19 pandemic that hit early in 2020 and kept everyone indoors for over three months.

As the incident grew more out of control, the crossivarians took it so seriously that they set fire to the psychiatric hospital, where insane people are kept for proper treatment, in an effort to make the government feel their pains. They also stole 400 refrigerators and more than 300 motorcycles from the government residence, according to some online media.

Many government buildings were damaged in Lagos, where the incident began, including the Oriental Hotel, the Lekki Toll Gate, the BRT terminus at Oyibo, the TVC station, and more.

Numerous police officers and members of the Nigerian army perished in the tragic incident that reduced 26 police stations in Lagos to charred ruins.

Although they were unhappy about the occurrence, the young people had no option but to defend what they believed to be their rights.

President Buhari was anticipated to address the youngsters with a better promise in light of the deaths and lives lost in the country, but his speech during the address fell short of what the youths actually needed to hear from him.

The world will always remember this day that caused innocent mothers and state residents to shed tears, in line with all that has occurred to Nigerians and keeping the record current.

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