Benefits Of Mobile Phones To Nigerians And Africans

Mobiles phone is listed or among one of the useful developed technology that has helped Nigerians and Africans in so many ways.

But in this incase, it made to stand alone so we can be able to identify it main purpose or it usefulness and attribute to Nigerians and Africans all together.

Since Mobile Phones was introduced to Nigerians and Africans years ago, the means of communication, texting and lots more as we can list have change.

In my own ways of giving it a better appreciation, I can say it has put smiles to the faces of Africans and Nigerians in particular.

The stress of reaching each other’s has been eradicated and made 100% available and easy to get ourselves on live talks or chat with just one click away.

Mobile phones is mostly used for communication means first when it was introduced and due to it well and massively acceptability by Africans and Nigerians, mind you am writing this article about Nigerians and Africans, so don’t misunderstand me.

As I was saying due to it massively acceptability, when lunching the upgraded version of it, some categories like text message, video calls and a lots more where added to enable users reach family and friends with just a touch of the green button.

With mobile phones, Nigerians and Africans fine it more cool and lively to reach themselves, and in good state of it, we all have it as one of our daily favorite Items as of today because none of the person right now in Nigeria and Africa do without it.

All nation’s of the world uses this mobile phones as well, but am writing on this so you will know how Nigerians and Africans have given it appreciation from the bottom of the heart due to it instantly helpful effect to human life.

On 6th of August 2001, mobile phone was introduced to the Nigeria social market during the tenor of ex president Oluseun Obasinjo and ever since then it usefulness to Nigerians has no limitations but rather keeps coming with better ways of meeting the needs of the people.

All technologies as established has it uses and values, but mobile phones or device is one of the most used daily technology that has never lose it value. There’s a reason behind this, it offers high quality and reasons to that makes everyone fall in love with it.

After some year’s of giving it out to Africans and Nigerians, the smartest version of it was introduced or established that up till date has it version keep upgraded for the people need and daily use.

Currently, we are to looking into the majors Benefits Of Mobile Phones To Nigerians And Africans:-

1 . Communication:-

Mobile Phones also known as (GSM) has helped Nigerians and Africans to communicate easily with each other’s without involving in much stress of passing out details or useful informations.

Since the introduction of it in 6 August 2001 to Nigeria, the usefulness has been shown all over the country.

2 . Text Message:-

Texting of messages across or within the country is also made easy with mobile phones (GSM) in such a way that if you can’t call or communicate because of time, you have another means of it to type and pass it out as message as well.

And I can say the typing aspect of it is really cool because it help to save forgotten informations.

3 . Video Call:-

All this characters as listed are under communicate but have it different ways of doing them. Although mobiles phones (GSM) does not have this character itself.

They are some mobile apps that helps in doing this, example of this app is Whatsapp..

The mobile phones has developed in such a way that, using Whatsapp with it, is made very easy for you to video call someone who is thousand miles away from you and definitely makes you feel close to the person too.

4 . Saving Of Documents:-

The reasons why mobile phones is used in saving of documents is because, it’s a simple carry out mini computer that has been attached to human daily living.

Nigerians and Africans have this daily benefits, not that it’s all the best it also have a limited version and space of savings or installation, but been used because of emergency needs of those documents.

5 . Cash Making:-

I know you will be surprised how does mobile phones (GSM) help someone to make cash. I can explain because a lots of people use phones mostly in Nigeria just for communication means only not knowing it beyond that.

There are some site that ask you to comments, share post and follow all rules to earn money, although not all are really genuine if I may say, but somes are really good to work with and most of this task are been done by mobile phones the mini computer that we use daily here in Nigeria.

Now you can see how useful mobile phones is to Nigerians and Africans as a whole. Not only in Nigeria all countries of the world make use of it, but I keep my examples within Nigeria and Africans because this are the place I can really tell much about.


Apart from those Items and usefulness of mobile phones I just listed above, there are more and cool features of it, not only in saving of documents, communication, texting or help in live chat with person outside the country that I just said.

So you know that, with your mobile phones you can compete in monetize games online play and earn cash as well. This attribute has it great features in the supper computer, but as a result of it, mobiles phones version was also build for the purpose of others to be able to afford it.

One useful thing about mobile phones (GSM) is that is very easy to access, it has much features and tutorial videos online that guide you on how to make use of it.

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