Check out the best dangote job openings on the new 2022 Dangote Recruitment portal.

The Dangote recruiting portal for 2022 is now active, thus I believe you should look at the various Dangote employment openings. We shall examine every aspect of Dangote job openings and hiring procedures in this post.

No matter your color, religion, ethnic origin, age, or gender—though largely in Africa—the Dangote Group of Companies gives equal opportunities to all interested personnel. Before applying for this position, there are a number of qualifications that I will outline in this essay.

You can work for this firm in roles that are open to both graduates and undergraduates. You may apply for Dangote job openings whether you have a degree, are an undergraduate, or even have completed your O’levels.

Therefore, I believe that now is the ideal time to act bravely in accordance. Let’s first highlight the top 9 roles available at this Dangote job opening before moving on to the recruiting procedures.

With operations in commodities, energy, banking and insurance, retail, manufacturing, and other industries, Dangote Group is a market leader in Africa.

Several skilled individuals are being sought by the business to join its team. Please continue reading to learn more about the hiring process if you are interested in applying for a position with the Dangote Group.

You must hold a degree in business, engineering, or a closely related subject to be qualified for employment with Dangote Group. Along with having expertise in a related industry, you must also have great communication and problem-solving abilities.

Please visit our website for further details on the application procedure if you satisfy the requirements listed above and are interested in applying for a position with Dangote Group.

Dangote Group employment (5 positions)

1. Projects Head for Planning and Logistics

The incumbent of this job is in charge of carrying out all managerial duties as well as the weekly planning. All projects pertaining to the logistics function will be managed by the head of planning and logistics projects. He will also put into action a strategy that will result in the greatest regional dispatch. The dangote Recruitment site is the place to apply for this position.

2.) Logistics Head

The successful planning and distribution of all cement in Nigeria will be the duty of the head of logistics. We also handle the customer’s truck empowerment program, management of the S&OP process cost, optimization, and general responsibility for health and safety. can be reached via the dangote Recruitment site as well.

3. The Depot Operations Head

The daily operations of all depot operations plans in Nigeria are overseen by the head of depot operations, who also ensures that consistently high-quality service is provided. He is in charge of managing and coordinating depot spend while ensuring sufficient float control and cost-cutting techniques. For this position, visit the Dangote Recruitment website.

4. Manager of Sustainability for the Cement Industry

In the cement sector, the sustainability Manager’s primary responsibility is to assist the head manager. By developing the necessary frameworks, pertinent policies, and standards that support efficient sustainability strategies, planning, and interventions across all corporate processes, he assures sustainability. is furthermore accessible through the dangote employment portal.

5) A stock account officer

The general ledger’s general inventory transactions must be kept an eye on by the inventory account officer. Additionally, he makes sure that the cost of inventory at the facility is completely and accurately planned. For this position, the Dangote job requirements portal is still available.

First, go to the Dangote official recruiting website at (

then select the Job Openings link that is placed at the top of the main page.

Find and select any open positions or career opportunities

You must carefully study and adhere to the provided instructions.

Make sure you accurately supply all the necessary information.

Make careful you double-check and validate the accuracy of all your information.

Next, send your application.

If you work, they will get in touch with you by email.


Working with the Dangote Group is a joy because they are a dependable and well-known firm. Therefore, regardless of academic background, there is a place for everyone seeking for job. If you’re looking for work, try checking out the Dangote requirements portal.





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