Clear Difference Between A Record Label & A Music Studio.

Every knowledge of human being has a great impact on his learning, so no knowledge is waisted or bad if I may say.

Am saying this because I came to understand that many people still don’t really understand the cool difference between a record label and music recording studio.

I know you reading this may still ask yourself what’s the difference, but the two offers sane services or both are used in recording of music, so what could really be the difference.

Remember, that’s why I said earlier that no knowledge is waisted, what you don’t have Idea about, need a teacher or a mentor to put you through. And currently am playing the rules of a teacher or mentor in this article, so try pay cool attention to understand as you read through.

Now back to our discussion, I want you to know that there’s a great difference between a record label and a music recording studio. Both are doing same job or work but have that little character that lead to there differences that sperate them at the end.

Before we go deep on this top, do you that a record label are company that lay down there effort to help and upcoming artist become a better version himself, that’s another part you should know. While studio only accept you when you want to record a song with them.

Another thing is that, a record label can’t really do without a studio, but a studio can carry out a successful and wonderful work without the assistance of a record label, but has it limited powerful as well.

The advantage about a recording studio is that, you get or have the chances of recording, mastering and giving your song a beautiful building and it will be passed out to you, as you have paid fo the services.

While a record label will allow you to record a song and as a company that they are, they will also merged it with a promotion which will definitely take or announced l that song out to your fans.

Several times, I have seen a record label that promote, get there music artists to have a deal with company and make money with them and get they still don’t have a permanent studio for themselves, it’s not surprising because some may be a temporary group that just offer to help that artist that very moment.

Building a studio in the label may later bring in confusion, which a lots of them try to avoid, but is advisable.

As you read through this you will understand more the Clear Difference Between a Record Label & A Music Studio.

Below Are The Clear Differences You Need Know A Record Label And A Music Studio;-


In Music Studio, you only go in when you need them, for example you come or go to them only when you want to record either your album or single track.

A just record music studio doesn’t not give out a contract to any artists, that’s like a vendor selling ice cream, you pay and have what you want and everyone goes there different ways.

In Record Label, you are offer either 4 or 5 years contract but at times some stay longer. For example if the record label has offered to help you grow, you don’t just wake up to record a song, everything will be under a follow written rules.

This is a clear version you need to know between this two, so you won’t make a mistake when ask to give there differences.

2 . Assistance:-

A record label will give you a perfect assistance in terms of needs, make sure you over power any hard Issues on you and make you one of the best as you wish. This assistance comes genuinely both in financial aspect.

All the flashy lifestyle of an artist is given to him or her by his record label. For example just take a look at some Nigerian artist who are under a record label deal, they are perfectly living well, although no one knows their inner pains, but judging from outside of what we see, it is.

A recording or music studio, do not offer this kind of assistance, in short what they are after is your money but will offer a good job to you don’t misquote this.

Even if you are to get an assistance from them, it alway limited, because that’s not what they focused on. Explanation here also show you another clear details between a Record Label abd a record it music Studio.

3 . Hyping / Promotion:-

The reasons why a record label signed or give an artist a music contract deal is for him to be able to be announced massively to the world or universe.

Record Label has taken this space very serious and deep, because once an artist is well known in the whole world, they label will make a better sells and what left a compensation to offer the artist as well.

In other words, it known as Promotion, because the continue process a record label constantly hype and artist in form of promotion, that’s when he or she under them get recognition and start earning from the record label too.

A music recording studio do lack this, they don’t hype or promote you like I said earlier. Hundred of artists can record same place without a state recognition, after the derive money from the service they offered to you, they turn to another available customers awaiting them.. Can you see another clearer prove between a record label and a music recording studio.

4 . Income:-

A record label will make sure that you earn or make money from your recorded music. This reasons has one of major points and due to the larger fans zone, digital stores where introduced some years back.

A music studio will only take your money without putting you through on how to recover back your spent money. Although they are limited in this aspect like I told you before compare to a record label that offers all the needed services that will let you recover and even make extra of what you have spend.


Thanks For Reading Today’s Knowledge About “Clear Difference Between A Record Label & A Music Studio”.

Understanding how this two work will definitely help you in so many aspects. Incase you are asked, you will be able to table or lay down perfectly your explanation about this.

Even if you are not a music person, knowledge about thing’s help to super pass ahead others, that’s why you need just take a little of your time to study and have Idea about this.

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