Steps to follow to become a good music artist in Nigeria

Without a lot of hard effort, it is impossible to enter the music spotlight as a successful musician or music artist. Engaging in a good and better sector of music that you are into is something that is advised to do on a daily basis for artists.

Some researchers have shown that the majority of musicians are only competent at writing songs in the studio and have little stage presence while performing live. Some people excel at playing both characters, while others only play one of them, leaving the other one behind.

Follow the instructions below to connect with the proper hit if you want to become the artist you want to be.

  • Develop your own style of music by:

Maintaining and being used to your own style of music is the key to winning the hearts of those who appreciate good music. Nice music presentation is greatly influenced by practice, which will help you develop a good sound and enable you to separate out from the crowd.

  • Record Nice Music:

In order to build a reputation for yourself in the music market nowadays, you need good cool vibes rather than copyright content that the public hasn’t yet gotten a hold of. This has to do with the first page of the write-up, which is practicing.

  • Using music as a backup:

Which musical genre do you play? The key person you need to go through this is having someone of your kind as a fantastic partner, whether it be in afro, hip pop, or highlife, as you may recollect icon and mentor. Choosing a mentor has nothing to do with liking or loving them; instead, look for someone who is in the same musical genre as you. You’ll be able to access immense strength and hide wonderful music with the help of this.

  • Good publicity or publicizing your musical life.

A secret that many artists are unaware of is the power of effective publicity that may bring their work to the public’s attention.

Nevertheless, some of them just start making music without knowing where to promote themselves, and without marketing or advertising, your money appears to be a waste to yourself.

Don’t give up on being promoted; nobody has done it flawlessly, but the important thing is that you had the confidence to start.

One of the lowest-grade promotion platforms where you may simply declare yourself to the globe is Instagram. Many rising artists have failed because of their promotion strategies, and if it happens to you, you won’t be able to get yourself on high-grade promotion as you like.

As far back as I can remember, the majority of the artists signed to Davido’s DMW and Don Jazzy’s Mavin Record labels, including Ex and current artists, through the Instagram platform.

Everyone has enormous opportunities, but only if they are willing to seize the chance that the world of promotion has given them.


If you perceive the positive side of the explanation above and are prepared to take off, it will or can assist your musical life develop.

In the music and entertainment industries, a lot depends on your kind of music, your ability to record well, your choice of role model, and how and where you advertise yourself.

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