How Does Music Artists Make Profits From Their Songs And Carrier Here In Nigeria.

First of all as a musician or artists, your thoughts when starting a music carrier should be, how do i make money / Profits from it or am I doing this just for fun?.

I can say it a business that needs a lots of cash or capital to start with, if you spend heavy without getting paid, you are losing from the carrier. This may lead to you not been able to push forward as expected.

In Nigeria today, the history of music has been the money involved, so if there’s anyone working so hard to become a star, he is either directly or indirectly asking for the money.

From 1990 till 2000, the set of people doing music then where not opportune enough to make millions compare to the present singers who started about ten to fifteen year’s ago.

The money involved looks very attractive, the question you should ask yourself is, how do they make this money? from what angles does the money comes mostly from.

I can remember when the selling of songs through CD plate was one of the top best way of Nigerian artists making money from music then. The method later became limited after the introduction of some music selling platforms like, iTunes, Spotify, Deezer, YouTube music and so many that’s now into existence.

On our today class concerning music, we could learn about how music stars make money from there songs, mostly especially the Nigerian music industry, how much each of this platform pay per streams and there contribution to music artists growth.

The digital platforms listed line before this have there various ways of getting you out for either advert or for music promo. Selling kings among those digital stores is the iTunes and Spotify, now what we are looking for is how Nigeria artist get favoured by them in terms of music selling and streams.

Many Nigerian artists has turned billionaires from selling their hit songs using international ways of digital forms of doing it. To get your music on this platform cost you just a token, and after the song publishing on this major platforms, how do you earn from it as a Nigeria music artists.

Although you may be surprised why I keep mentioning Nigeria music artists, why not South Africa, Ghana and the rest countries of the world. To be sincere I don’t know how those countries operate in terms of music distribution, am talking about Nigeria that I have much Idea and details to give about.

The CD form became old ways of music distribution like I told you earlier after digital way of selling and streaming song’s where introduced in January 9 2001 but was very much unknown to the Nigerians then.

The reasons behind this is because the believe in the old way of selling music, which is hand to hand exchange of goods and services, you give out the CDs plate and receive in your cash instantly.

But the profit then was limited and is 50 / 50 chances the artist may not become internationally known in the world compare to how digital stores make it more easier today.

Some Nigerian artist like Tuface Idibia who where one of the music star then under Kennis music where able to make at least some profits, because their ways of distribution then has to do with the digital stores then but where still not making much compare to now.

This happen because, most people then where not exposed to digital stores and the rest online selling platforms.

Now where are taking about Nigeria artist and the ways the do sell out there songs or make profits from it.

1 . Digital Stores:-

Since the introduction of this beautiful platforms such as iTunes, Spotify, YouTube Music and the rest, the Nigerian music artists have been able make huge money from there music and it really cool.

The digital stores has helped both the known and the upcoming, unlike the old partner of them selling CDs plates which very much limited compare to now.

The most recommended of all time now it the digital stores, they have daily millions of people streaming song’s from there sites. This has been the number 1 major ways of Nigerian music artist earning from the carrier.

2 . Shows:-

Nigerian music artists after the selling of their songs through the digital stores or platforms also have this in common, as they are been paid for attending shows like events, wedding, ceremony and more.

Everyone of the artists have their different charges and this help them to make more more from there carrier. I’m some cases, some of them charge the total of 2 million naira, some 1 million Naira, while some charge either higher or less.

Making income using this listed categories in Nigeria has helped most of the music stars to do a bitter jobs and win international of local awards from there carrier.

3 . Featuring:-

Once an artist is making better wave in Nigeria, the rest waiting for opportunities to be known Will quickly comes in requesting for a featuring to gain wave as well.

Nigerian artist have some or particular amounts they charge for featuring and with this, common the artist will be making hell of income from his carrier.

Now you see how this set if people are making money from there carrier here in Nigeria, from selling of songs on digital stores to shows and then featuring as well.

4 . Endorsement Deal:-

Another category that has been among the wealthy adding section of the Nigerian music artists Source of income, it help them boost their Net worth.

This happen when a company here is Nigeria is in need of advertiser and mind you advertiser is someone who is very popular so it can help the company name to be known and their products to make sells as well.

In this case, they will need someone who’s very popular to carry out this activities, that’s why most Nigerian artists have been used in this section. And at they end of the deal, they make millions of naira from it.


Thank You For Reading Our Today’s Article On How Does Music Artists Make Profits From Their Songs And Carrier Here In Nigeria.

I hope this article have made it clear to you, how your favorite celebrities make money from there carrier either by selling of there songs through digital stores, shows, featuring and endorsement deal.

This method has really helped in putting and getting the Nigerian artists to the world, using this method is better compare to the old ways of CDs printing which only allows you to make name within the country and in some part.

Digital stores method of earning from music is widely known attaching with it colleagues and others which serves as backup to store’s selling.

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