How You Can Start Your Own Business With Just A Token In Nigeria

In Nigeria, starting a business is one of the finest options available to anyone looking to increase their income.

Money is the primary source of conflict in human existence, but it also gives you the power to make wise decisions that will benefit your generation as a whole and turn you into a billionaire like Adeleke and his family in the photo.

For those who want to change their future and get the most out of their work, being self-employed on a tight budget is the ideal option.

This all starts with you, and one of the ideas here is to become self-employed. You can decide to do this and pave the path for your generation to carry out the plans that you have established.

The only way to overcome this is by creating a plan A and a plan B for yourself, even if you can’t just start a business without money.

Your “Capital” for your Plan A should be the first funding you may employ to launch any type of business. The type of business you want to run, the manner in which you want to provide your services, and your plans for the environment should all be included in your Plan B.

Here is a list of businesses you may start in Nigeria with at least 50,000 naira, and you will eventually succeed like other businessmen in the nation (Nigeria).

1. Food Supplies (Nigeria):

Have you ever wondered why this particular business is always regarded as the finest for newcomers to start in Nigeria?, this is the primary reason it is being examined.

1. Food items Because we all need food to survive, live, and maintain our strength in our everyday activities, commerce is one of the most lucrative industries in the history of humanity.

Look at the Nigerian billionaire and richest businessman in Africa, Dangote; he began his enterprise with a little income in comparison to what he will be making in 2020. Production by Dangote must

he produces a variety of goods, including food, household goods, building materials, refined oil, and much more. However, to give you an idea, his food-related goods sell better than others on a daily basis since they are consumables or items that people require on a regular basis.

2. The Red Oil Industry in Nigeria

In Nigeria, you may start a red oil business with as little as $50,000 and finish up with at least $150,000 more in profits. This is how you can accomplish this.

i. The red oil industry is a seasonal enterprise in which anybody can participate, regardless of other commitments. There is a region or state in Nigeria where you may get it at a reasonable price when the time comes.

lower price then store it until the following season when it will be very spooky and in high demand. At that time, you can sell your preserved products for more than twice what you paid for them.

3. Nigeria, Point Of Sell (P.O.S).

Don’t be shocked that P.O.S is associated with company ideas that are doable or startable in Nigeria with less resources because technology has advanced our generation to this degree.

In Nigeria right now, P.O.S. is the fastest form of payment

You can start producing business with at least $50,000, and you’ll be all set. No degree is necessary to work at this office; all you need to know is how to operate the machine. For each transaction a customer makes with you, you receive 100 naira in Nigerian currency and 0.26 dollars in the United States.

The amount of money you would make each day if 200 individuals made transactions with you would be 20,000,000,000 naira.

4. The Barbering Or Salon Industry (Nigeria / Global).

Have you ever considered starting a salon company in Nigeria while considering small business ideas? With a 100% guarantee that you will receive your initial investment back, this is a genuine money-pouring machine. In Nigeria, the minimum wage for a barber is 500 naira, whereas the maximum wage for plating one lady’s hair is 5,000 naira.

If the barbering industry’s standard wage is 500 naria per person and you average 200 clients per two weeks, you will make $100,000 in two weeks and $200,000 in one month.

Another profitable venture that you may launch in Nigeria as a novice with as little as $5,000 is plating, which definitely pays well. In a neighborhood salon in Nigeria, a hair plating costs 5,000 thousand naira. Assuming you have 20 clients overall each week, your earnings will be $100 per week and $400 per month.

Location of the company (not just in Nigeria but also globally);-

Don’t just jump into setting up shop in a neighborhood or, let’s say, a secret location where you won’t be noticed while beginning a business.

Of course, you are welcome to launch a business in the area where you now reside. However, by focusing on the items that people go great distances to purchase so that you can understand their requirements and wants, you will be more successful.


We hope that our brief explanations helped you understand how to establish a business and what sort of ventures you can launch in Nigeria with little capital, including those that would enable you to make at least $50, $100, $200, and up to $400 each month with a token.

Additionally, our expert’s business plan calls for the sale of food products, both raw and prepared. Another money-making venture in Nigeria that may be started with at least $50,000 and provide enormous profits is red oil.

The P.O.S. firm mentioned above is an extraordinary one-man enterprise that, despite its stress, will make you grin for the rest of your life. Finally, we have a salon since, of course, everyone wants to look their best. The stylist or the barber may help with this.

Start your own business today and become your own boss instead of waiting for a boss’s monthly pay or commission.

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