Sells Tips And The Benefits Of Investing In Nigerian Real Estate

Real estate requires more concentration, attention, and circumstances to succeed than other businesses, so before you get started, determine why you must.
Depending on how hard you work, there are now several categories or sorts of real estate business from which you might profit. To be honest, this industry has made many people millions of dollars, while others are still fighting their way through the crowd to succeed.

Citing several instances from my own experience, I can say that the new Dangote Refinery in Ibeju Lekki, Lagos, is the key location point for the majority of the land sales in Lagos, which is now one of the states in Nigeria with the biggest land sales.

Due to the distance, the cost of the land will increase the closer it is to the city. Some like to add 500,000 naira every six months, while others opt to sell for a discounted price of just 70,000 naira.

In Nigeria, namely Lagos, where land is quite costly, one of the trendiest Cities where you can invest in real estate company and become a millionaire in just five years. Let’s imagine that you were able to acquire some of the $500 million within a year.

naira as your overall wealth, you now have roughly 250 million naira as your gain after depleting your capital, and if you carry on in this manner for at least five years without pausing, you will inevitably fall into the category of business billionaires.

Remember that your focus should never be just on your company’s earnings but also on how your clients or consumers perceive you. Although selling land is not a failing company, if I may say so, not everyone will want to travel to your location to buy from you. One of the ideas we may address right now is how to persuade people to buy from you.

How To Persuade A Consumer To Purchase From You.


1. Justifications:

Although you, as the CEO of the firm, can continue to use your own methods of persuading customers to purchase from you, I believe that agents fall under this category.

What will you do once you have invested in this business by purchasing the land directly from the government with your valid certificate and are ready to sell it for perhaps twice what you paid for it? You will hire an individual or individuals who will help act as a third-party by telling people about your products, not just telling them.

by providing more thorough justifications for that property, you can persuade a consumer to accept your offer to buy.

2. Start off with a lower selling price.

This is a competitive industry with many young people as business partners, therefore how well you sell your items over those of your competitors counts a lot. One of the most important strategies you may employ to outsell your rivals is promotion. Give people a reason to buy from you by offering distance selling, something that many others fail to do. Avoid missing out on a customer by charging exorbitant prices because one customer brings another.

3. Provide a neighbor’s address;

who is my neighbor (Neighbors are businesses, estates, or sectors that are located close to your places of operation.
When promoting a product, make an effort to inform the person or business about the environment you are exposing them to. Let them know that the area where your product is located is extremely safe and that no damage happens nearby.

Everyone is concerned with their health and safety. Because of the risks, many people avoid shopping or conducting business in close proximity to industrial areas. Life protection is one of a person’s highest and most important values.

You may win your consumers’ hearts by using the three provided details in combination with your own concepts.

Where And Why You Should Mass Market Your Land Products

Every business needs advertising, and land or real estate is no different. It is a business that needs effective viral marketing to spread the word about it.
Let me give my personal definition of what advertising or advertisement is:

Advertising is the act or process through which a business or person exposes its goods or services to the public.

You will understand why you should buy, invest in, or start a real estate firm after reading this short essay, whether as the CEO or an agent who recruits clients for lucrative deals.

Even if my article hasn’t convinced you to enter the real estate industry, you may still participate by purchasing even a little plot of real estate for display purposes. In Nigeria, land would cost more than it does today by the year 2030, according to my personal forecast. This is because more individuals are now purchasing, investing in, or starting businesses in this sector than they were five years ago.

Youth empowerment includes more than simply the chance to find employment or lead fulfilling lives; it also includes the chance to end poverty through real estate and land investments.

I still clearly recall that in 2008, a block of land in Awoyaya cost only 50,000 naira; currently, the same plot and size are sold for amounts in the millions of naira and higher. This implies that if you spend 10 million Naira in this firm now—a new generation will undoubtedly arise—you or your offspring will be eligible to become a Nigerian landowner or home owner in the future.

People are purchasing, which is why we have a high percentage of it; it’s a business that primarily benefits our children’s future.

Thank you for reading. I hope you now understand why you should invest in real estate, whether by purchasing and selling property, building a home, or purchasing a parcel of land for your children to eventually own.

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