Simple Ways To Prevent Police And Sars Harassment In Lekki (Nigeria)

Simeon Danladi Midenda, a former police commissioner, provided funding for the Nigeria Special Anti-Robbery Squad, also known as (SARS), in 1992 in order to safeguard and defend the interests of the public and combat covert corruption.

The Squad performed admirably over those years and completed all tasks as directed by the commander.

Consequently, the squad evolved into a bullying gang in 2010, mostly harassing young lads who were doing okay. primarily in Lekki, where the Sars have gotten so bad, targeting young guys who are trying to make ends meet and arresting, murdering, and exploiting them.

Although the majority of this Sars harassment is brought on by ostentatious and pricey items. The team believes that each young man who is attractive is involved in fraud, also known as (Yahoo).

According to our assessments and an examination by several of our media authorities, the young guys just always seem fantastic and showy without receiving rich PR.

You must not take the following actions, which are described below, in order to prevent this horrible Squad (Sars):-

1. Flash Lifestyle:

When going out on any occasion or having a hackout with friends, if you own any opulent items like the new iPhone X or any other form of attention-grabbing items, don’t go along with it. If you come across Sars on your way, that alone could be enough evidence for you to be arrested for using the street language and tagged as a Yahoo boy.

2. Dress Code

The way you look is important as well; some people have experienced severe abuse, been arrested, and been imprisoned due to poor appearance. Before approaching you, sars mostly look at how you look, and if your appearance scores 30 or above, which indicates you are disorganized, you will be arrested.

This styling covers hair cuts, hair dyeing, sags, and as many other things as you can count or remember.

3. Jobs:-

What sort of work you are doing matters a lot. Although it’s untrue, people in Lekki Sars tend to assume that any young man who looks well, perhaps has dreadlocks, or wears fancy clothing is a fraudster. This is owing to the widespread prevalence of fraudulent operations throughout the nation. Despite the nature of your profession, which by itself won’t make you disappear, you must dress cooperatively if you don’t want to be harassed by these males.

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