World-renowned artist with the shortest record label contract in history

One of the African / World’s most well-known hip-hop artists is Sanni Goriola Wasiu, a young prominent Nigerian rapper and songwriter better known by the stage name Lil Frosh, who rose to stardom in late 2019.

The record-breaking musician with the shortest record label contract signed on September 24, 2020, and had it dissolved on October 6, 2020, making music history.

Before he was formally signed to the DMW music group, Lil’ Fresh gained popularity on Instagram by performing a few freestyles with Zinoleesky, who served as the two of them’s backbone at the time.

Lil Frosh received positive notice from Nigerians very soon. He began receiving assistance from prominent Nigerians and was signed to Aloma Music Worldwide (AMW), a company that functions as a junior music group under DMW and is run by David Adeleke, better known as Davido.

He made a recording called Couples Is Single while he was a member of AMW, and it helped him get significant renown in the Nigerian music scene. Lil Fresh got off to a strong start when he joined a music tour, went to concerts, and was flown to the United States, where he met the well-known American hip-hop group Migos.

According to the publicly available plot, he had a pact with AMW that was subsequently bridged because Aloma Music Worldwide did not keep the promises it made in the agreement.

After Aloma, Davido’s personal advisor, was fired and replaced by a new adviser owing to rule violations and his inability to do his role, Lil Frosh signed with DMW.

The artist declared his new greatness and the reasons behind moving to the label on social media after signing a new deal with Davido Music Worldwide.

He was then released from the label by the CEO and management for violating the company’s rules and regulations about 12 days after accepting the agreement.


Lil Frosh joined DMW on September 24, 2020, and his contract with the label was canceled on October 6, 2020, since he physically abused his fiancée and battered her into a coma, which is against label policy.

As the narrative spread online, more unrevealed details, including some of my own, came to light, proving that Frosh’s girlfriend had been having an affair with his closest buddy HotKid, who is signed to Dr. Dolor’s entertainment.

Reminiscent to Lil Frosh’s earlier days as an Instagram Freestyler before achieving fame, HotKid served as his backup to properly decorate the video background.

HotKid was also singed but not immediately after Frosh received his agreement.

Kid chose the Fresh Girl over all the other young women in the world, honoring their longstanding relationship. When a video of them enjoying a romantic moment in his car surfaced online, Lil Frosh began to lose faith in his lover.

Frosh maintained this on his black list record up until that terrible, heartbreaking day when they both misunderstood and exploited it as an excuse to beat her, leaving her with a facial disability. That was the social media justification for the two lovers’ heated home violet exchange.

After taking some time to recover, Gift Camille, a talented and attractive born model who is also Lil Frosh’s lover, took to her Instagram story to explain what had happened to her and her boyfriend. She made it clear that her explanation had nothing to do with her hookup with Dr. Dolor’s entertainment singer HotKid.


Gift said that she spoke with her buddy on the phone on the day of the tragic occurrence. When Lil Frosh entered the house, he asked her to switch on her hotspot so he could speak briefly with his mother’s attorney.

She then begged Frosh to remain calm while she was holding up the conversation since he wasn’t being patient enough. When she replied that her friend was on the other end of the line, he started yelling at her to stop the connection. The friend, hearing this, picked up the phone and hissed in indignation.

Lil Frosh, who was rude to Gifts’ buddy over the phone and ended the conversation because of it, decided to call back and warn her. She then insulted him again, telling him she wasn’t his girlfriend and that he shouldn’t yell at her again.

As he approaches Gift, his frenzied rage intensifies as he beats her for not standing up for him and for being silent as her buddy spoke to her. Even while they are on the phone, Lil Frosh threatens to kill her and tells her that she will perish for playing with death.

Gift’s sharp pal swiftly turned her phone into a recorder and recorded everything Lil Frosh said to her for future reference.

The buddy responded to her saying that she had previously written down what the boyfriend said, according to the screenshot provided by Gift while recounting what truly transpired (Lil Frosh)

She is telling the police about it, and her family is already aware of it. If something happens to Gift, both she and her boyfriend will be held accountable.

The tragic tale spreads on social media, and the label—one of the greatest music companies in Africa—was unable to handle the public humiliation and was forced to sever Lil Frosh’s 12-day contract with the group.

Even though he eventually regrets what he did For knocking Gift out, he asked for forgiveness and their reunion to resume their previous relationship, but it appeared that it was already too late for him. Sadly, Lil Frosh’s contract was terminated as a result of this specific problem.

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